Lowering and Performance Links Available For The Following:

Aprilia 06-up RXV/SXV/450/550
Lowers rear 1 3/4".
Belt Drive
BMW F650 & Aprilia Pegasus/Pegaso
Non-Fuel Injected.
1" & 2" lowering links available.
BMW 2000-up F/G650iGS/Dakar
1" & 2" lowering links available.
Beta 2010-up All models, (RR, RS and Xtrainer) except EVO and 125 RR-S.
Lowers rear 1 9/16".
Gas/Gas 2001-2011
Gas/Gas 2013 EC250/300 and 2014-up dirt models both 2 and 4 stroke.
1 1/2" rear lowering.
Honda 2013-up CB500 & CBR500
1 3/8" Rear Lowering.
Honda 2000-up
1 3/4" rear lowering.
Honda 08-up
CRF230L/M Dual Sport & 98-02 SL230.
Honda 2013-up CRF250L Dual Sport.
1 3/4" rear lowering.
Honda CRF250R/X/
Honda 2010 CRF250R
7/8" and 1.6" lowering lengths available.
Honda 2009-16
3/8" 7/8" & 1.6"  lowering lengths available. 
Honda 2016-up CRF1000/Africa Twin
7/8" Rear Lowering.
Honda 2012-13 NC700
1 3/8" Rear Lowering.
Honda 2014-up CTX700N/ND
1 3/8" Rear Lowering.
Honda 1986-95 XR250R & 85 only XR350R
Honda 96-up
Honda 1985-up XR600R
Honda 93-UP XR650L
Air cooled 
Honda 99-UP XR650R
Liguid cooled 
Husqvarna 03-07 Four Stroke
3/4"-1.5" Rear Lowering on most models.
Husqvarna 08-up
Fits: TC/TE/TXC/250/310/
450/510 & SMR450/510.
1" & 1.5" Rear Lowering Links.
Husqvarna/KTM 2014-up
Fits: FC/FE/FX/TX/TC/TE/125
3/8", 3/4", & 1 1/4" rear lowering on some models.
Husqvarna 2013-up TR650 Terra & Strada
1" & 1 3/4" Lowering Links.
Super Sherpa
Kawasaki KLR 250
Kawasaki KL600
Fits 84-86.  2.5" rear lowering
Kawasaki KLR650
Fits:  85-07 KLR650.  1.25" &  2" Rear Lowering Links Available.
Kawasaki KLR650
Fits:  08-up KLR650.  1.25" &  2" Rear Lowering. 
94-up. 3 New Lengths 
See Order Form  for   lowering amounts.
Also Fits The New 06-up KLX250H6F Dual Sport.
Kawasaki KLX400 
Kawasaki KLX450R Fits: 2008-010.
Kawasaki KLX650
Fits:  93-96 KLX650 
1 5/8" Rear Lowering.
Kawasaki KX65/RM65
2000-up KX65 & 03-up RM65
Also Fits:  03-up RM100
KX 125/250
Fits: 2004 Two Stroke
Lowers rear 1 3/8th"
Kawasaki KXF250
Fits: 04-05 Four Stroke
Lowers rear 1 1/4"
Kawasaki KX250F/450F
Fits: 2006-up
2012 KTM 125/150/250SX/XC & 300 XC Two Strokes
Fits: 2012-up two strokes with the linkage style suspension.
3/4" & 1.25" rear lowering.
2011-up KTM 350/350/450
Fits: 2011-up 250SX/XC-F/350SX/XC-F/450SX.
3/4" & 1.25" rear lowering.
KTM: Adventure, Duke, All LC4's & 625 SXC.
See Order Form for lowering amounts.
KTM 690 
Fits: 08-up Enduro/SMC.
Lowers rear 1" & 1 5/8"
Suzuki Gladius SFV650.
Fits: 09 
Lowers rear 1 1/8"
02-up Suzuki V-Strom DL650 & 02-13 DL1000
3/4" & 1 1/8" lowering links.
Also fits 03-up SV650 3/4" lowering.
Suzuki DR250/S & DR350/S/E
Suzuki DRZ250E
Suzuki DRZ400/S/SM
Suzuki RM125/250
Fits: 98-2000. 
Suzuki RM125/250
Fits: 2001-2003.
Suzuki RM125/250
Fits: 04-07 RM125/250.
 Suzuki RMZ250
Fits:  04-06 Four Stroke
Lowers rear 1 1/4".
Suzuki RMZ250/450
Fits:  07-09 RMZ250 & 05-09 RMZ450.
Suzuki RMX450Z & RMZ250/450
Fits:  2010 
3/4" & 1 5/8" rear lowering.
Yamaha FJR1300 Sport Tour
Fits:  03-05, Lowers rear 7/8".
Yamaha FJR1300 Sport Tour
Fits:  2006-up, Lowers rear 7/8". 
Yamaha TTR250

Other Products Available:

Suzuki DR650 Eibach 883 Spring Adapter
Suzuki Dualsport 2" Mirror Extenders
"T"-Handle Extended FuelScrews Available For:
KTM/CRF/DRZ/KXF/ RMF/WR/YZF and now for the Kawasaki KLR650/KLX250 dual sport. Honda CRF230/XR250/400/600 and TRX450 Four Wheeler.
Extended Fuelscrews Also Available For:
DR250/350 dirt model/S/SE, DRZ400S, DR650 SE models. 
See Order Form for complete listings.


Installation Instructions
Fits:  Honda 2017-up CRF250RL & CRF250RLA   PN: CRF250L-2 Rally  (Lowers the rear 1 1/2") 
Replaces stock link assembly  PN 52475-KZZ-J00 

CRF50L-2 Rally link shown above. 
1)   Raise the motorcycle with a bike stand, milk crate, etc., so the rear wheel is slightly off the ground.  Remove the 17 mm nuts from the two link mounting bolts and push the bolts out the right side.  The swingarm may need to be raised slightly to allow the bolts to slide out freely.  After removing these two bolts the link will drop out the bottom and your about ready to install the new link.

2)   The new links come with the bearings and seals, so put a little grease on the two needle bearings first, and then install the "center sleeve" from your old OEM link into the KoubaLink.  You are now ready to install the new link by holding it back in place with the bearing end forward and the engraving readable from the right side.  After aligning the link eyes with the link mounts, push the mounting bolts back through from the right side. You will need to raise the swingarm to get the eyes to line up. 

3)  After installing the KoubaLink, be sure the grease fitting is facing downward. *Left side engraving will be upsidedown.  You may want to pump a little grease into the grease fitting now before you torque the mounting bolt nuts as sometimes after tightening the nuts the air will not escape from the bearings and is difficult to get the grease in.  Install the two 17 mm nuts and torque to approx. 35 lb-ft. 

4)  For the 1.50" rear lowering, set the race sag (amount of vertical movement of the rear axle FROM no weight to bike weight plus rider weight) at 3.75" with rider in full riding gear, standing on the pegs.  This sag adjustment can be changed by turning the two large nuts on top of the rear spring.  (More preload = less sag, and less preload = more sag. Turning the spring preload nuts clockwise will increase the preload/lessen the sag and visa versa.)  The easiest way we have found to change the preload adjustment is to loosen the top jam nut, lube the threads on the shock and turn the spring and all by grasping the bottom of the spring.  It will turn easier if the rear wheel is off the ground. 

5)  The front fork tubes can be slid up in the triple clamps until they almost touch the stock handlebars, we do not recommend going farther than the stock height handlebars allow as we are not sure exactly when the front tire would be allowed to contact the underside of the fender when fully compressed.  :-(    If the front pushes or will not turn quick enough we recommend lessening the rear sag rather than sliding the fork tubes up farther.   Disclaimer:  Lowering the rear more than the front can change the geometry and could affect the handling, so be careful out there. 

If you like what the KoubaLinks do for your suspension, please tell everyone, if you do not, please tell us.  We can be contacted at our email address below and are always interested in your questions or comments. 

* Please see the  sidestand information below. 

 Ordering information and pricing can be found on our ORDER FORM.


          CRF250L-2 Link Installed.                              Fork Tubes Slid up to Max on CRF250L

*** Side stand Information.  *** Shorter side stands are available for the CRF250L-Rally from CRF's Only at:  https://www.crfsonly.com/catalog/index.php

Now, here is info that YOU need to be informed of, for general knowledge, as to how it relates to the 2017 RALLY.

Honda, in all their wisdom (ha ha ha) has made the side stand for the RALLY 1.5" longer than what is on the 2017 CRF250-L.   That is a fact, and precise measurement.

Yet, the RALLY is NOT 1.5" taller than the "normal" CRF250-L.  It is 0.9" taller.

I have found, and others have agreed, that the side stand on the 2017 RALLY is TOO tall for this bike.

Now, I have fixed that issue on my bike, as I ordered and installed a side stand from a 2017 CRF250-L.....again...that is 1.5" shorter than the RALLY side stand, and then I added a 3/16" thick larger foot plate onto the bottom of the new side stand, to support the bike better in sand and dirt.

With the new RALLY KoubaLink on my bike, the changed out side stand and new KoubaLink work great in concert with one another.

HOWEVER.....here is what YOU need to be informed of.....if a RALLY owner installs your new RALLY KoubaLInk onto their 2017 Rally, and still uses the OEM side stand, they most likely will have a problem with the bike pogo(ing), as the side stand that is already TOO long will really be noticeable now, with the bike lowered 1.5".

I have brought the issue of the TOO tall side stand to Honda's attention, but as you know, sometimes that goes in one ear and out the other when dealing with Mother Honda.

Thanks Miles, 
Tenino, WA.

Norm Kouba
Email: njkouba@ix.netcom.com



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