Lowering and Performance Links Available For The Following: (*Click on the item below to go to that site)
Aprilia 06-up RXV/SXV/450/550
Lowers rear 1 3/4".
Belt Drive
BMW F650 & Aprilia Pegasus/Pegaso
Non-Fuel Injected.
1" & 2" lowering links available.
BMW 2000-up F/G650iGS/Dakar
1" & 2" lowering links available.
Gas/Gas 200/250/300/450FSE
Honda 2000-up
1 3/4" rear lowering.
Honda 08-up
CRF230L/M Dual Sport & 98-02 SL230
Honda CRF250R/X/
Honda 2010 CRF250R
7/8" and 1.6" lowering lengths available.
Honda 09-up CRF450R 7/8" and 1.6" lowering  lengths available.
Honda 1986-95 XR250R & 85 only XR350R
Honda 96-up
Honda 85-2000 XR600R
Honda 93-UP XR650L
Air cooled 
Honda 99-UP XR650R
liguid cooled only
Husqvarna 03-07 Four Stroke
3/4"-1.5" Rear Lowering on most models.
Husqvarna 08-up
Fits: TC/TE/TXC/250/310/
450/510 & SMR450/510.
1" & 1.5" Rear Lowering Links.
Kawasaki KL250
Super Sherpa
Kawasaki KL600
Fits 84-86.  2.5" rear lowering.
Kawasaki KLR250
Kawasaki KLR650
Fits:  87-07 KLR650. 
1.25" & 2" Rear Lowering Links Available.
Kawasaki KLR650
Fits:  08-up KLR650.  1.25" &  2" Rear Lowering. 
94-up. 3 Lengths. 
Also Fits: 06-09 KLX250S Dual Sports & 09 KLX250SF Supermotard.
Kawasaki KLX400
Fits: 2003
Kawasaki KLX450R Fits: 2008-010.
Kawasaki KLX650
Fits:  93-96 KLX650 
1 5/8" Rear Lowering.
Also fits:  03-up RM100
Kawasaki KX125/250
Fits: 2004-07 Two Stroke
Lowers rear 1 1/4 inches
Fits: 2004 Two Stroke
Lowers rear 1 3/8th"
Kawasaki KX250F
Fits: 04-05 Four Stroke
Lowers rear 1 1/4"
Kawasaki KX250F/450F
Fits: 06-08.Lowers rear 1" on the 450 and 1.7" on the 250.
Kawasaki KX450F
Fits: 09/010 fuel injected model. 
KTM: Adventure, Duke, All LC4's & 625 SXC.
KTM 690 
Fits: 08-up Enduro/SMC.
Lowers rear 1 7/8"
Suzuki Gladius SFV650.
Fits: 09 
Lowers rear 1 1/8"
Suzuki DL650/1000 V-Strom 1 1/8" lowering.
Also fits 03-up SV650 3/4" lowering.
Suzuki DR250/S & DR350/S/E
Suzuki DRZ 250E
Suzuki DRZ400E/S/SM
Suzuki RM125/250
Fits: 98-2000. 
Suzuki RM125/250
Fits: 2001-2003.
Suzuki RM125/250
Fits: 04-07 RM125/250.
Suzuki RMZ250
Fits:  04-06 Four Stroke
Lowers rear 1 1/4".
Suzuki RMZ250/450
Fits:  07-09 RMZ250 & 05-09 RMZ450.
Yamaha FJR1300 Sport Tour
Fits:  03-05, Lowers rear 7/8"
Yamaha FJR1300 Sport Tour
Fits:  2006-up, Lowers rear 7/8". 
Yamaha TTR250

Other Products Available:

Suzuki DR650 Eibach 883 Spring Adapter
Suzuki Dualsport 2" Mirror Extenders
"T"-Handle Extended FuelScrews Available For:
KTM/CRF/DRZ/KXF/ RMF/WR/YZF and now for the Kawasaki KLR650/KLX250 dual sport. Honda CRF230/XR250/400/600 and TRX450 Four Wheeler.
Extended Fuelscrews Also Available For:
DR250/350 dirt model/S/SE, DRZ400S, DR650 SE models. 
See order form for complete listings.


 Motorcycle Suspension Components
   with other products available from Kientech Engineering

Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) we have received. Feel free to ask us anything else not listed here. 

Question #1:  How much do the Links cost by the time I get them in my hands?

Answer:  The prices for all the links and items we have available are listed on our ORDER FORM and include domestic air or Priority Mail shipping, add US $13.95 for International USPS Priority Mail shipping and $28.95 for USPS International Express Mail for all the links that will fit in one flate rate envelope but cannot exceed 4 lbs. total weight.  Items that will not fit in a USPS flate rate envelope are shipped at the actual shipping costs. **Rear springs are approx. 6 lbs. but all links to date are under 1.5 lbs. each.

Question #2: Can I order the links on the Internet?

Answer: Yes, and we prefer the order be made on our  ORDER FORM as then we both have a record of the order with the correct items, shipping address, and etc.

Question #3:  How long does it take to install your rear links and do I need any special tools?

Answer:  In most cases a bike stand/milk crate with the correct size sockets is all that is required and is less than a 30 minute job.  Additional time may be required to adjust the rear sag and position the front fork tubes.  Most links do come with installation instructions and the only special tools that may be required would be a torque wrench and a long punch to loosen/tighten the jam nut on top of the spring when setting the sag. 

Question #4: Do you build links for my bike model *******?

Answer:  All of the links we have available should be listed either on the column to the left and/or on our ORDER FORM page. If you do not see them listed, please send us an Email with the year and model you would like them for and if we get a few requests for the same model we would surely consider building them in the future. 

Question #5: Do your links increase or decrease travel?

Answer: All of our links increase the total travel but the actual amounts vary between models. They will increase travel approximate 1" on the DR350's and 3/8 to 3/4" on the DRZ400's, depending on the length.  (DRZ1, DRZ2, DRZ3) 

Question #6:  How do I install the links on my DR350?

 1. Raise the motorcycle with a bike stand, milk crate, etc., so the rear wheel is just slightly off the ground. Remove the two 19mm nuts that hold the links to the rocker and the swingarm. Remove the right link. Push the two bolts out the left side until the left link can be removed. Sometimes the swingarm needs to be raised to allow the link bolt head on the swingarm end to clear the chain.

2. When installing the Kouba links everything is in the reverse order of the removal of the stock links. On the swingarm end you should have a steel flat washer, then the aluminum spacer washer ( included with the Kouba Links) and then the new links with the engraving to the outside.

3. Set the sag (amount of vertical movement of the rear axle FROM no weight TO bike weight plus rider weight) at 2.5 inches with rider in full riding gear, standing on the pegs. If the links are for lowering purposes ONLY, sag is set at 3.75 inches, and will lower the rear of the bike approx. 1.5 inches.

4. For the stock DR and DRS shock, set the compression clicker (on the canister) to 1/2 turn in from full soft. On the DR and the 98 and 99 DRS, set the rebound clicker at 1/2 turn out from full hard. If bottoming is a problem, try turning the compression clicker in. If that is not enough, a stiffer spring may be required. These setting are just a starting point and may not be the best for everyone, so experiment with them and find the best settings for you and the conditions.

Question #7:  What are the differences in the 3 lengths of Kouba Links for the DRZ, and do I have to lower the front also?

Answer:  The only difference in the three lengths is the actual eye to eye length with the DRZ1's being the shortest but longer than the stock links. The DRZ1's will lower the rear 3/4 inches if the Suzuki recommended 3.9 inches of race sag is used. We recommend 3.25 inches of race sag with the DRZ1 links for the best performance, but the rear height is only 3/4 inches lower without any weight on the rear wheel. The laden geometry and height would be the same as the stock links and the stock 3.9 inches of race sag. 

The DRZ2 links will lower the rear 1 1/4 inches with the stock 3.9" of race sag. The DRZ2 links are the mid-length links, and are more for a combination of both the lowering and performance characteristics found in the DRZ1 and DRZ3 links.

The DRZ3 links will lower the rear 1 3/4 inches with stock race sag. These are mainly for maximum lowering purposes and may not be the best for very aggressive riders, but are still worlds better than just loosening the rear spring preload until the desired ride height is obtained. 

All lengths are longer than stock and the ride height is still determined by the amount of race sag; just the starting and ending points of the swingarm arc are different. They also put more leverage on the rear spring and make the rear more compliant on the small stuff but may require a heavier rear spring to help prevent bottoming if a rider is very heavy and/or very aggressive. 

If a rider is bottoming with the DRZ1 links and 3.25 inches of race sag then we expect he/she was also bottoming with the stock links and 3.9 inches of race sag and would require a heavier spring with the stock setup also, just a different rate to go with the longer KoubaLinks.

Lowering the front: The front fork tubes on the DRZ400 can only be slid up approx. 3/4 inches before the top cap comes in contact with the bottom of the handlebar. To be able to slide these tubes up an additional 3/4 inches, another set of top handlebar mounting clamps (bar risers) can be installed under the handlebars and fastened with 3/4 inch longer bolts. This results in a lowering of the front a total of 1.5 inches over stock and is about the maximum before the front tire could contact the fender. Also keep in mind the key switch mount on the "S" model requires a modification or relocation to allow the fork tubes to be slid up more than about a 1/4 inch even without the bar risers. The alternative to sliding the fork tubes up is to put a top out spacer inside the forks, cut the springs shorter, and reduce the total travel.

Question #8: Do you build KoubaLinks for bikes other than the ones currently listed on your products index or order form?

Answer: The list of products we carry should be an up-to-date inventory. If you do not see a product listed on our "order form" that you are interested in, please email us and we will see if we can accomodate your needs.

If you like what the KoubaLink does for your suspension, please tell everyone, if you do not, please tell us.  We can be contacted at our email address below and are always interested in your questions or comments. Thanks
              Ordering information and pricing can be found on our ORDER FORM.

Norm Kouba



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