Lowering and Performance Links Available For The Following:
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Aprilia 06-up RXV/SXV/450/550
Lowers rear 1 3/4".
Belt Drive
BMW F650 & Aprilia Pegasus/Pegaso
Non-Fuel Injected.
1" & 2" lowering links available.
BMW 2000-up F/G650iGS/Dakar
1" & 2" lowering links available.
Gas/Gas 200/250/300/450FSE
Honda 2000-up
1 3/4" rear lowering.
Honda 08-up
CRF230L/M Dual Sport & 98-02 SL230.
Honda 2010-up CRF250R
7/8" and 1.6" lowering lengths available.
Honda 09-up CRF450R
7/8" and 1.6" lowering  lengths available.
Honda 1986-95 XR250R & 85 only XR350R
Honda 96-up
Honda 85-up XR600R
Honda 93-UP XR650L
Air cooled 
Honda 99-UP XR650R
liguid cooled
Husqvarna 2003-up Four Stroke
3/4"-1.5" Rear Lowering on Most Models.
Husqvarna 08-up
Fits: TC/TE/TXC/250/310/
450/510 & SMR450/510.
1" & 1.5" Rear Lowering Links.
Kawasaki KL250
Super Sherpa
Kawasaki KL600
Fits 84-86.  2.5" rear lowering.
Kawasaki KLR 250
Kawasaki KLR650
Fits:  85-up.  1.25" &  2" Rear Lowering Links Available.
Kawasaki KLR650
Fits:  08-up KLR650.  1.25" &  2" Rear Lowering. 
94-up. 3 Lengths. 
Also Fits: 06-09 KLX250S Dual Sports & 09 KLX250SF Supermotard.
Kawasaki KLX450R Fits: 2008-010.
Kawasaki KLX650
Fits:  93-96 KLX650 
1 5/8" Rear Lowering.
Kawasaki KX65/RM65
2000-up KX65 & 03-up RM65
Kawasaki KX80/85/100
Also fits:  03-up RM100
Kawasaki KX125/250
Fits: 2004-07 Two Stroke
Lowers rear 1 1/4 inches
Kawasaki KX250
Fits: 2004 Two Stroke
Lowers rear 1 3/8ths"
Kawasaki KXF250
Fits: 04-05 Four Stroke
Lowers rear 1 1/4"
Kawasaki KX250F/450F
Fits: 2006-2011
 2011 KTM 350/350/450
Fits: 2011-up 250SX/XC-F/350SX/XC-F/450SX.
3/4" & 1.25" rear lowering.
KTM: Adventure, Duke, All LC4's & 625 SXC.
See Order Form for lowering amounts.
KTM 690 
Fits: 08-up Enduro/SMC.
Lowers rear 1" & 1 5/8"
Suzuki Gladius SFV650.
Fits: 09 
Lowers rear 1 1/8"
Suzuki DL650/1000 V-Strom 1 1/8"
Also fits 03-up SV650 3/4" lowering.
Suzuki DR250/S & DR350/S/E
Suzuki DRZ250E
Suzuki DRZ400/S/SM
Suzuki RM125/250
Fits: 98-2000. 
Suzuki RM125/250
Fits: 2001-2003.
Suzuki RM125/250
Fits: 04-07 RM125/250.
Suzuki RMZ250
Fits:  04-06 Four Stroke
Lowers rear 1 1/4".
Suzuki RMZ250/
Fits:  07-09 RMZ250 & 05-09 RMZ450.
Suzuki RMX450Z & RMZ250/450
Fits:  2010 
3/4" & 1 5/8" rear lowering.
Yamaha FJR1300 Sport Tour
Fits:  03-05, Lowers rear 7/8".
Yamaha FJR1300 Sport Tour
Fits:  2006-up, Lowers rear 7/8". 
Yamaha TTR250
Other Products Available:
Suzuki Dualsport 2" Mirror Extenders
DR650 Eibach 883 Spring Adapter
"T"-Handle Extended FuelScrews Available For:
KTM/CRF/DRZ/KXF/ RMF/WR/YZF and now for the Kawasaki KLR650/KLX250 dual sport. Honda CRF230/XR250/400/600 and TRX450 Fo
Extended Fuelscrews Also Available For: 
DR250/350 dirt model/S/SE, DRZ400S, DR650 SE models.
See order form for complete Extended Fuelscrew listings.

Customer Feedback

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Hi Norm
Well........who says "size doesn't count"? The links have worked a treat, although I still need to wear my built up boots.I love the bike and I think she and I have been looking for each other all 
our lives! I had a fantastic ride back from picking the bike up. 1.5 hours from Palmerston North to Wellington, 3.5 hours on the ferry from Wellington to Picton and then 4 hours with lots of twisties from Picton to North Canterbury where I live. She handles like a dream, even though we haven't 
dropped the front down on the forks, due to lack of room where the handlebars are. This is something I may do in the near future. So all in all - money well spent, awesome service from you and one very 
happy lady!!!!
take care, kindest regards

Pauline B.
Christchurch, New Zealand

P.S. What would one do without the internet where I found your site!


Got a pair of your links for my F-650 Dakar (great!) and now I need your help with my wife's 2002 BMW F650i.    Her factory-lowered bike needed a new shock after less than 30, 000 km (not warrantable by BMW, grrrr) and the BMW dealer here in Calgary, not knowing better,  put the regular GS shock on as a replacement.  Do you know if your 2" links will bring the bike back to the previous seat height?  BTW, I did read all your FAQ & those on the Chain Gang but no answer there.
Thanks for your help,

Thanks for the excellent advice.  We did take the two inch KoubaLinks off the Dakar and put them on Joyce's F-650i GS.  She is just over 5 feet tall and needed as much lowering as she could get.  I can report she is fine solo, even with her Jesse bags loaded heavy, but there is rubbing, like you predicted, with both of us on the bike and we hit a bump (I weigh 190 lbs).  Since she rides her BMW solo 99% of the time, we're going to leave the two inch links installed.  The ride  is better now with the combination of full shock and your links than that provided by factory-installed short shock.  This mod does have its limits though, as you mentioned.
Murray Castle

          Hi Norm, 
          The Koubalinks for my Bike have arrived. The installation went flawlessly. You asked 
          for my comments, here it goes:  I will post the following in Chaingang.
Here is to all of us Shorties:  After getting sick and tired of shifting to one or the other
side on my 2001 F650GSA in order not to tip the bike when stopping at a sloped road I finally bought and installed the Koubalinks. 

Balancing the bike could be difficult for a 28-inch inseam guy especially if the  passenger leans towards the down side of the road. The installation of the Koubalinks is absolutely a breeze. The material and workmanship of the parts is excellent. Besides that I am able to stop my bike "flat-footed", the lower point of gravity provides for a more comfortable ride all together. Sliding the front fork tubes up in the triple clamps is strictly  optional. Unmodified the ride is more comfortable as well. The side stand works perfect as is. Putting the bike onto the center stand, however, is  more of a challenge. Using a small ¾ inch thick piece of wood under the rear wheel takes care for that problem. All in all the Koubalinks, (www.koubalink.com) are great.


2001 BMW F650GSA  1" lowering links

          Hi Norm,
          Just a note to let you know that the links arrived today, and thanks to your easy to
          follow instructions instructions are now gracing my F650, and my feet are firmly
          on the floor!!!  I thought you might like to know that your KoubaLink product was
          recommended by some of the folks from The Chain Gang, I would also like to
          thank you for your fantastic service. Thanks again.

          Kind Regards.

I am VERY DISAPPOINTED. I installed the links and went for a ride. They did not work like you said they would. They worked MUCH, MUCH, MUCH BETTER! I am very impressed, what a difference. It tracks straight and works much better throughout the whole range of travel. So, I guess you can mark me down as one of the satisfied customers. What product from your test lab comes next? Thanks.


02 F650iGS 1" lowering links


         My lady, Susan Corrigan, recently ordered a set of 2" lowering links for her 
         2001 F650iGS. You called to let her know it was your experience that the 1" links 
         would work better for her. Well you were right. I installed the links on Saturday, 
         ( it was a breeze by the way ) and my lady can now sit on her machine and back 
         it out of the garage :-) We took it for a spin and she mentioned the handling seems
         smoother. Thanks for creating a GREAT product, that's EASY to install. It's the best
         mod we have made to her F650GS period!!! 
         P.S. I'll be adding a link to my business and personal sites listed above

Hallo Norm,
Recieved the links from my mail-delivery today (Sat) - no expences !!
They look great, delicate like good handicraft works well to mounted in half an hour.         Though so little, made it remarcable more like we wants it.  Will not lower front the slightely increased fork-degree makes the bike less nervous.  Thanks a lot - the whole thing has been a pleasure to me. Therefore of course I will tell about you.

          Stig in Norway. 

          F650iGS 1" lowering links.

          Hi Norm,
          Those links are fantastic! They were easy to install and just make enough 
          difference in the reach so that I feel more confident on the bike. The sidestand 
          still works well too.
Santa Fe, NM 
 02 F650iGS 1" lowering links


I bought and installed one of your links on my GS and I have been driving it for a few months now. I just wanted to let you know that it is amazing how it has improved the handling. One inch lower to the ground gets the weight down and it sticks like glue. Always was a great handler but this gives me more confidence. I am 5’10” so my feet are flat on the ground and my knees bent when stopped but even that gives me better control. I reduced the spring tension to the lowest level for single up riding, which is about ½” lower on the shock and the ride is smooth and very controlled. I bought the link to lower the bike for my wife as it is hers and it works for her. Hard to give it back though. 

The part is well finished and the ability to grease a good idea. It was very easy to install, about ½ hour of time. 

Thanks for the design and the energy to bring it to the market for us to buy; I would recommend it to anyone short or tall riding an F650GS-I. 

Chris Adams

Just installed the KoubaLinks on my BMW F650 CS this weekend.  The bike feels awesome and I have much more confidence on the bike; you're a genius!  I will recommend your product to as many people as I know who ride. 


03 BMW F650 CS


Hi Norm,
    This is Chris Van Andel from Motion Pro. I rode the bike for the first time last
weekend, and it was a blast! Using  your link and I also had the front end lowered
the same amount and revalved, it works really awesome.  Backing it into a corner
is much more controllable now, and it slides with perfection. I think I have the 
trickest (maybe only!) CRF230 short tracker in the world now! ;-> Thank you very 
much for helping me out, it was one of the best things I have done to the bike so far.
I have attached a picture for you, there will be two more coming, I did not want to send too big of an attachment all at once. Feel free to use the pictures as you please.

Thanks again for everything.

Chris V.


All I can say is OUSTANDING. I was just about to give up riding my CRF250F. It was virtually impossible to ride on the trails. Way to tall. After investigation on a forum your link came up as a possibility along with some suggesting a $2000.00 suspension drop. This would be permanent. Your link delivers as promised. After installing I rode on Sunday. It was like riding a whole new bike. Cornering, berms, ruts, not a problem Average falls went from 20 to three and the 3 had nothing to do with bike height. I will recommend you to anybody who will listen. I think you have a great product and should find a way to market it mainstream.

Thank you again
Mark Anderson

I have received the Kouba link (CRF2) I had purchased for my 2002 Honda CR250 and am just dropping you a line to let you know I am very happy with the results. I had a chance to install and test the link this Saturday at a local track here in Northern California. I was a bit worried that the frame geometry would be askew from lowering the back 1" and raising the forks in the triple clamps only about 3/8". I was able to ride a friend's stock 2002 CR250 back-to-back with my newly lowered 2002 and was pleasantly surprised by the way mine handled. Not only is it more comfortable for me to ride now, but it still handles as it did before the addition of the link. The extra benefit is having the grease fitting on the link. Thanks from a very satisfied customer!

Darrin Bernard

I was very impressed with your product. Very clean design and the fit is excellent. Often when Purchasing aftermarket parts the fit is less then good.  What do I think overall? Why didn't I do this sooner?  I am very happy I went this route, rather then adding the shorter subframe to change the seat height.  Install was less then 30 minutes, upon installing I pulled the forks off and marked an additional line on the forks. The CRF2 dropped the rear end of my CRF 450R by one inch. It wasn't a lot but enough for me. I was expecting a little more but I had measured the total travel with the bike on the stand and there is still 12 inches of travel. I measured a distance of approximately 5/16 inches on the forks. the same amount distance from the fork cap to the suggested mouting positon by Honda. I pulled the rear shock and reset the spring height, set sag to your recomendations and wow. I took the bike out on a 20 mile test ride on whooped sand, single track and sand MX track and I was very impressed. Not only did the link lower the rear end but I feel - from the seat of my pants a better working rear end. This resulted in what I felt faster lap times. I found myself coming out of turns faster and into jump faces faster then I was before. This overall was a concern due to the fact I was changing the suspension angle and the link would be giving up some handling.The result was the rear end now works better then it did. Less hop, less fighting with the rebound and more forgiveness. There will be additional fine tuning of the front end, I am going to try the 22mm offset front end. This was a standard fix on the 04 CRF that helped the bike in the front end.

Overall I wanted to say thank you for all your help I am very happy with the link, 

Andrew Sundsboe 
04 CRF450R

 Hi Norm

 Just wanted to let you know I received the lowering link for my CRF 230 on Monday (only ordered it the preceeding Friday).  Let me say I was delighted first of all with the super fast shipping, and second of all with the inherent quality of the link.  Fit and finish is excellent. 
I just got  around to installing the link today (Tuesday) and the process could not have been more simple.  My 13 year old son and I did the whole job in about 15 minutes. Your instructions are clear and straight forward.  The end result is I now have a bike much more suited to my short, tired legs. The whole process has been a pleasure!
Kinds regards.

 John Hollifield


We changed the springs and added the CRF3 link to our 2005 CRF250X. The bike Is balanced perfect and no comprise on suspension what so ever. I did not know how many people have the same problem, my daughter raced CR80 for a long time, but found the move to the 125 class too much, not because of competition but just a huge jump in size. After trying to set the bike up she never felt comfortable. Problem was she wanted more bike but was not tall enough. Did not want to a comprise OR SPEND $8000 ON A BBR.  By using your link, lowering the rear 1.7 inches and installing springs for her weight and using the washers to adjust the front to balance the rear, no compromise at all. We are so happy, thank you very much. 

My local shop was doing shock mods ect. to lower the bikes and claimed a lot of people trying to do the same thing. He now will start using your link and is excited about not butchering the handling of the bike

                                                                            TIM MENDENHALL 

Dear Mr. Kouba,

      Thank you very much for getting the Kouba Link to me so quickly.  The instructions that were included were easy to follow and it took me and a friend about 30 minutes to put it on.  I was dying to try it and finally got a chance this weekend.  What a great change.  The bike is no longer tippy and I am able to negotiate turns much better and rode with much more confidence.  As you know riding with confidence makes all the difference in your ability to overcome challenges. 
      On Sunday I did some trail riding with a semi-pro racer who I had ridden with before about a year ago.  He commented on how improved my riding was.  If he would have seen me 2 weeks ago before I was able to lower the bike and suit it better for my height, he would have probably commented very differently.
      Thank you again.

Sincerely,  JS

04 CRF250/1.75" CRF3 lowering link.

Hi Norm

Thought I would drop you a line and let you know that the Kouba Link for 
my CRF250X works like a charm ---

Installed it Saturday and went for a 40 mile woods ride on Sunday.
I was a bit tentative about the turning since my bars are slid up to their max,
but no problems..
Bike turns great, no problems thru many whoop sections...

Thanks so much for having a part for us short legged people....

Jenny Murphy

Dear Norm

              I fitted my link to my bike and the differance is unbelievable. I can now reach the floor, corners are no longer a test of nerve and rough sections are a breeze as the bike no longer throws me about. The only problem I have had is the back wheel was hitting the back mudguard during heavy landings, however an extra 5 mm's of spring preload and a little tweaking soon had things back in order. I would like to say that I am very impressed, not only with the performance of the link but also with the superb workmanship of the piece, looks really trick.I am a very happy customer.

Many thanks,

Hi Norm, couldn't be happier with the link I purchased form you.  My 2001 xr650r has 17" super-moto wheels , I am 5' 7" tall and shrinking, with your link installed my feet are flat on the ground, The handling is incredible, I ran circles around a Kawasaki Ninja the other day, It has helped to make this Super-moto beast a blast to ride on the street. 

Thank you,

 Mark L. 
 Reno, Nv. 

I installed your link on my XR650R and wanted to give you a ride report. 

Installation was a breeze…high quality piece and I love the fact that you put a GREASE FITTING on it!  Now if that factory would just wake up and do that.  I did see what you mean about clearance issues in the shock tunnel, but I just indexed my spring so that the actual lower end of the coil was toward the front of the bike not the swingarm.  This gave me the necessary clearance.  I slid the ole forks up to about 9/10th of an inch and set the set for 3 ¼”  I thought this initial set-up would be too aggressive and the bike would shake it’s head.  Boy was I wrong!  I rung it out for an entire day.  Everything thing from the slowest first gear trails to the fastest fifth gear stuff….not even a slight wiggle.  It’s as stable as it ever was.  The change in handling was unbelievable!  My bike now turns like an MX’er.  I can carve much tighter lines and throw the big XR places that would leave me in the weeds before.  It just flat rails!  I’ve got a new found excitement for the bike again.  Like I said I didn’t get it because of my height, I’m 6’2” and never had a problem with the height of the bike.  The squattier nature of the bike and lower center of gravity just lets me throw it around from side to side like a lightweight.  So, thanks again for all your help.  I’m definitely going to recommend this to riders on Thumpertalk especially the east coast type woods riders.


Lt. Lee Presgrave
Prince William County Dept. of Fire and Rescue
Personnel Section 703-792-6385

Mr Kouba,
  I am Experiencing great results with with the new link.  Lowered the red beast center of gravity, and crotchability factor so much, that I don't have to sell it now.  I dreaded selling this bike, but it was too tall.  I struggled with it so bad, I broke, I listed my most favorite  bike ever, my 2001, XR650R.   I had searched previously for a lowering link, but could only find one for 2001, XR650L models.  When I saw, the Kouba-link for sale, I jumped for joy, (you laugh, but I did).  I ordered, payed for, and received the link within 4 days.  I installed  the link that day and went riding with my son the next.  Just because I'm only 5' 9", doesn't mean I can't ride my bad-ass red monster anymore>  Thank you, Mr Kouba.

Mill creek, WA

Thanks for your prompt service, excellent support and product.  Pity
the rest of the bike isn't to the same quality as your part. Fitted it up
in no time at all, too easy. Didn't quite get the full 1 3/4" drop, more like
1 1/4"  but it certainly did the job.


The installation was a breeze.  The directions were precise and complete. 
I'm 5'8" and riding in the slow stuff has always been a challenge with the stock set-up.  Your link did the trick.  I rode a 250 mile Dual-sport south of Yosemite last week-end.  The link made riding much more pleasant.  It kept me from going down at least 4 times during the course of the week-end.

Great Product!

Thank you,

Bob Kendall
Danville, CA.

Hi Norm,

The link arrived at the weekend and I fitted it last night. It works great. Feel welcome to use the following as a customer testimonial:

"I was surprised to see that my KoubaLink had arrived, it took just five working days to the UK. The instructions made fitting the link and making the necessary adjustments really easy. I'll definitely be in touch next time I buy a bike and my feet don't touch the ground! James" 

I spotted one tiny omission in the instructions, at no point does it tell you to re-fit the seals from the original link to the KoubaLlink.


James Cohen
97 XR600R
London, England

Installed the KoubaLink a couple days ago, about 45 minutes & easy & did a 70 mile evaluation this morning. Bike has 4 inches of rider sag & raised the forks 1 inch in the triple clamps. First thing I noticed was I will not be tipping the bike over in front of my buddies when I stop! Both feet flat on the ground at stop lights, confidence inspiring! 60 miles of my ride was forest roads, rocky up & down hills & some sand washes. Much more planted while cornering, much easier to steer using the throttle. Rocky up hills taken a gear higher, added speed & confidence. Heading the wrong way down a sand wash I needed to turn around in a sandy fairly narrow spot. With booth feet on the ground & just using the throttle turning was much easier. No teeter totter effect while turning. The suspension if anything seems to work even better. I am 6 ft 185lbs & have a 31 in inseam. I also think the weight of the bike is slightly lower which helps. Does it make this 350 lb bike lighter & easier to pick up? NO! But with the link you may not be needing to pick up the bike near as much. A good investment in my opinion. Make sure you do a proper set up & ride some miles before forming your opinion. 

Tom Burroughs
 2004 Honda XR 650L 

Hi Norm, 
I received my XR650L link and  it works perfectly. As I'm not the tallest bloke around the XR was a bit too tall for me.  But now getting on and off, stopping and turning on the road and dirt is easier and safer for me, now that I can get more foot on the ground when I need it . I went for a 200 km road ride and instantly felt more confident in the tighter corners even for a dirtbike.  I wish I had found this product a lot earlier as my riding would of been more enjoyable and I wouldn't be so hesitant of the rougher terrain. Thank you for your prompt replies and delivery, it was all so easy . 

Thank you,


       I have the links fitted and must say handling has really improved especially cornering and overall control of my KLR250.  I guess that has something to do with lower centre of gravity as I have also raised the forks up to maximum about 28mm.They still have sufficient clearance at that setting.   I am very satisfied with the KoubaLink lowering kit. Thank you from a kiwi rider.


    I wanted to send you a quick thank you for the lowering links.  My husband has the yahoo group that is all about Super Sherpas.  He talked to you via email on the 18th of this month and you sent him a set of links for my 2009 Sherpa.  I have heard from other members of the group how much of a difference the links made but until I actually felt it, I didn't believe it.  I also couldn't believe how easy the change was from the stock links to your lowering links, even with long, manicured nails!  You really have a great product and I am very proud of my links.  The links made a AWESOME birthday gift.  I am so happy with the bike now.  It feels so much more stable and comfortable for me to ride. 
    I don't know if you ever have checked in with the group but I bragged about the links and how much of a difference they made.  There are many others that have done the same.  Thank you for the KoubaLink.com decals also.  They, as you probably can see from the picture, are proudly displayed on my bike.  I am so thrilled with the bike!  Since the change, I have put around 100 miles on the bike.  I've only had it for about 3 weeks or so and it's almost got 275 miles on it.  That's more than I put on my previous bike (Kawasaki Vulcan 500) in the first 4 years I owned it!  No, joke!!!
    Well, I like to go on and on talking but I won't.  I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you sending Mike a set of your great lowering links and let you know I have put them and the decals to good use on my bike. 

Thank you so much!!!
Tracie G Brantley - aka SchraderFan 
wife of Mike Brantley aka Dr Jekle 

Thanks guys, 

I couldn't be any happier as how well your 1.5" lowering links worked for my Kawasaki Super Sherpa. I use the bike now for my drive back and forth to work and not as much off road.  The rear "knobby" tire was getting worn really quickly on pavemant at highway speeds,  so I replaced it with a new rear highway tire.  The new rear tire made the bike even taller!  Well I am glad I found KoubaLink. I'm 5'5", 130 lbs and am not the least bit muscular.  I have to admit that when I got the KoubaLinks I was a little worried that I couldn't install them.  I'm not very mechanically inclined.  I gave it a shot though and it was nowhere near as hard as i had thought.  The one page instructions was a little confusing at first, I didn't even know what a lowering link was.  I read  from step one...........   Remove the 10 mm headed bolt from the sidestand switch to allow the front link mounting bolt to be removed out the left side. I thought  "OK,  now  I can see what it is I am replacing".  Thank goodness! 
Each and every step was clear and easy to understand after that first bolt was removed. 

Let me say it again, thanks guys. 

Timothy M


 Just wanted to say thanks for providing such a quality product. I just installed a set of your lowering links on my sons new KX-65 and can honestly say that that is the best 65 dollars I have ever spent. My little man's confidence is soaring. He can now start and stop the bike by himself, and he is having more fun than ever.


Tony Canoy

Hi Norm,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for a great product.  Our son just turned 8 and was ready to move up to a new bike.  The KX65 was just a bit tall but otherwise a great choice.  Now, with the KoubaLinks installed Caleb can touch easily and feels much more confident on his new bike.  He’s really rippin’ it up on our track now.  He learned how to wheelie over the weekend—yikes!  Anyway, I’m sure you hear it often but I just wanted to say I appreciate your product and especially the great customer service, very personal.  You just don’t get that kind of thing much anymore.  I’ll be singing your praises whenever I get the chance. 

Thank you and have a wonderful day! 

Best Regards,

Cary Stepper

Dear Norm,
I installed the DRZ3 links on my 2003 KLX400R and then dropped the forks 3/4" per your instructions. 
I got the links in three days - WOW that was great shipping service. 
I left the stock shock compression/rebound settings per your recommendation.  The installation took all of 10 minutes and that included a 5 minute phone call to you since I did not bother to read the instructions before installation.  The only thing I did different was to apply a thick coating of Bel-Ray grease to the needle bearings since the factory had left them dry.

The Results Are:

(Drum roll please):


The balls of my feet now gently touch the ground and with my dual sport gear loaded up I am ready for the creek crossings and mountain climbs throughout Mexico and Central America.

Many thanks from an old 70's Hodaka Ace retread rider,

Don Tiemann
"we don't need no stinkin' support trucks . . ."

          I got your links, and had the dealer install them, as well as raise the forks up even  with
          bottom of handlebars, on my new 2004 KLR250.  I also had a full two inches cut from 
          the sidestand, as it would no longer stand up after the link install. I went from too-tall 
          seat with  toes-only on the ground, to a perfect (for me) seat height, that allows me to 
          not only put my feet fully flat on the ground, but with my knees slightly bent, even!  Also,
          as noted in your instructions, I watched for any unusual handling from the suspension
          mods, and found the bike handles completely normally, after setting-up just as you 
          recommended.  Now, I control the bike MUCH better, and can really enjoy playing in the
          dirt without the top-heavy feel it had before, since the center of gravity is now so much
          lower. Without your links, I would not even own this bike, due to the original seat height
          being just too high for my taste. Your links are worth every penny.  Thanks you for a great
          product and excellent service too!
Feel free to include this in your Customer Feedback if desired.  Other folks  should know how good these links work!

 Art from Maryland

The shipment arrived in a couple of days and installation on my KLR650 was very easy. The rear of the seat was lowered about 1-3/4" and the front of the seat about 1".  I slid the fork tubes up 1" in the clamps and shortened the side stand 1" also. The 1-1/2" lowering spec is accurate.  I can place both feet flat on the ground while sitting on the bike-it is great!  I am amazed every time that I stop and put my left foot down flat on the ground with no effort!  I have to think about the fact that I am on the same bike!  Cornering is improved also with the lower center of gravity.  Thanks again.

John S. from Va.

Hey Norm, 
     Just a quick note...the 2" lowering links for my 08' KLR650 arrived in only 2 days!!!  (that's almost coast to coast by the way !!!)
Took a few minutes to install them...what a difference they make.....I now feel much more secure on my bike when starting & stopping.
The quality & finish was top shelf by the way!  ...and thanks for helping me decide which links to order...that was much appreciated!!!

Take Care & Thanks!!!

Bill Gowan
Owego, NY 

Hey Norm,
The KDX links went on sooooo very easy and they work GGRRRREAT. I love you man !!!!!!!!! My wife thanks you and I thank you. 

Gary T.

Wow!  These are great. Where were you 10 years ago. I felt unstoppable on the mountain. I am able to get a foot down when needed and still keep the bike upright. I stayed ahead of the pack all weekend...  I do notice that I am bottoming out. I have adjusted about all I can out of the shock and I am thinking you were correct about the weight being a little much. If the offer still stands I would like to return the 3's for the KDX # 2's.  If so I will send them out and include postage in the package to cover the trip back to me. Please let me know at your convenience and once again I just want to say 
Thank You..... :-)

Joe Atwood

Dear Norm,

We received the KDX3 links today and I just finished installing them on my wife Karla's KDX. I can't tell you how thrilled she is! She said to send you her thanks.
I got the bike all set up and she did three cold kick starts in a row! She is just jazzed about her bike again and I'm pleased that she's happy.

I'm certain that you've not received my check yet, as it was just posted yesterday morning. I would hope it arrives by Friday or Saturday. Not sure about regular post from ND to ID but I would hope it's no more than 4-5 days. Would you please let me know when you receive it? I'll sleep better. :-)

Again - thanks so much!

Art Whittey

Thank you for your tech help and instant return phone call to answer my question.  I installed your KDX 3 links on my KLX 300 and it was like riding a NEW bike. The best part was I did not have to find a rock to stand on to start my bike at the end of the day.  Your product installs like you said it would, it performs better than you said, and they are well built and look like a part that would go on a race car. The first time I was out with them one of the guys I ride with said he has been looking for something to lower his bike and wanted to know where and how to get them, so by now you have sold him a set also.

Thank you, 
Rich Brown

I just wanted to thank you.  The lowering link for my son's KX85 works great. A special thanks for the lightning quick shipping and the response to my questions before ordering.  You have the best customer service I have encountered   Thanks again.

Keith Swank

Thank you for the quick turn around on the links. You can't imagine how happy my son is to be able to ride his KX65 now! The links you sent fit perfectly so if anyone else inquires about them for a 2005 you can tell them that they will fit right in. Just wanted to let you know that you have a nice product shipped with good installation and set-up info. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

Thanks again, Jeffrey Royx


Lanna, I wrote down my first ride impressions if you want to add them to your testimonials page. Thanks again for a great product and great service.

2018 05 07


I want to record my impressions of my first ride after installing the KoubaLink on my 2010 KTM 690 Enduro. 

First, it was a bit of a pain to pay for the dang thing on the KoubaLink website. Paying for it was unfamiliar territory and it almost stopped me from ordering one, but I signed up for a new PayPal account and after that ordering was okay. Then a couple emails back and forth confirming and that was it. I ordered it on the 30th of April at 6:00PM local. (Love the internet!) It arrived in the mail today, May 7th. I ordered on a Monday night, it arrived the following Monday afternoon. I live in the Yukon Territory, Canada, it came from Boise, Idaho, USA. That is what I call fast service! Normally I would expect something like this from out of country in three weeks or so. 

Installation instructions on both the internet and the paper included were relatively thorough except when re-installing I forgot to put the left foot peg on the swing-arm through-bolt first. (Too excited!) It would definitely be easier with two, pushing and pulling to align the swing arm but the next one I do will be easier. The tip to rest the bike on a milk crate was perfect. I also needed a spacer on top of that. I used a floor jack under the shock to lift it on to the crate and to take pressure off the bolts that needed removing. The instructions on which side of the link was up, etc. were great. It went on flawlessly. It probably took me an hour because I was going slow and being cautious. 

I also did not lower the front end in the triple clamps yet. I want to try it both ways.

The first test ride was great! It lowered the seat just enough I got my confidence back. I am 5’7” and I had been barely on tip toes. Now I can almost touch the balls of my feet. It has been tough at intersections when I stop in traffic. I am also 57 years old and not as agile. I had been afraid I would high-side it or something if I had to stop at an off-camber stop light. Being just that much lower felt great. For sure it wants to lift the front wheel easier now too and I like that. The rake and trail and head angles, all that stuff. 

I would recommend this KoubaLink anytime. Easy install. 


Bruce Williams


Hi Norm,
Just to let you know that I was really pleased with the lowering link on the KTM690 Enduro. The quality was excellent, it survived  a 22,000 mile RTW trip without any problems and brought the bike down to a manageable height for travelling. Thank you so much for your help. 

I now need a lowering link for my 04 BMW FI Dakar - please could you confirm the price for me including shipping to the UK. Thanks again.

Danielle W

Hi Norm,
Sorry to take so long to get back to you, I received the lowering link for my ktm690 in just 4 days from when you sent it, amazing considering US to Australia.  I have fitted the link, but haven't completed all the adjustments yet, i.e. the rear spring adjustment, but it all works great as is. I dropped the front 20 mm,which seems to work ok,no bad stuff. I,m 60 y.o, so I don't go hooning to much and the mere fact that my two feet reach the ground is fantastic, thank you so much for your help, good luck.
Brian Neal

Hello again!
I got the links day before yesterday, and paid them and assembled them yesterday. 
About the product: To my opinion, much better quality than original pieces. First I was afraid about changing the suspension geometry, but in fact my first impression is that it works even better than stock.
Overall, my Duke feels now much more suitable for my own needs and driving style. Money well spent.

Best Regs,
Lauri Helander
KTM Duke

Hi Norman,

I have installed your lowing link on my KTM. My KTM feels like a new bike, handles good I can touch the ground and is easier to control. Thank you for making a good product!

Don Jacobsen

Hi Norm,
You now have another set of links running around New Zealand. They went on fine thank you. Not sure how detailed you like to keep things but for the record it appears on the 04 640 Adventure KTM in their infinite Austrian wisdom have changed the right hand side leading link nut to a 17mm instead of a 19mm which the other side still is. And the little 'holding bolt' that's inside the 17mm nut is now a 8mm.  May well be that Hans had too much ale over lunch the day my bike left.  Either way the links are great thank you. 



Hi Norm,

The link arrived at the weekend and I fitted it last night. It works great. Feel welcome to use the following as a customer testimonial:

"I was surprised to see that my Kouba link had arrived, it took just five working days to the UK. The instructions made fitting the link and making the necessary adjustments really easy. I'll definitely be in touch next time I buy a bike and my feet don't touch the ground! James" 

I spotted one tiny omission in the instructions, at no point does it tell you to re-fit the seals from the original link to the Kouba link.




Hi Norm,

(As posted on ThumperTalk)

After having my DRZ400S for a few months I finally decided that it was too tall for it's weight. I searched and read everyones input on lowering; new seats, lowering links, suspension shortening, etc. I really liked the seat/peg relationship, so I ruled-out a new or lower seat and decided to try the DRZ-2 lowering link.

It was quick and easy to install as per the good instructions. To match the front end I installed some inexpensive bar risers so I could raise the fork tubes a full inch and still clear the key assembly.

First impressions on my first ride was exactly was everyone said; the link will make the rear soft. But it also made the front-end feel too harsh so I softened that up to try and get it to match. Once I got home I also stiffened up the rear as much as I could. Now I feel that everything is perfect for me.

My overall impression is that I love my DRZ-S even more a little closer to the ground. It feels much more stable and controllable with the lower center of gravity - now it seems to go where you're thinking about going and you don't have to muscle it around as much.

As far as "screwing up the suspension", in my opinion, absolutely not - everthing still works great!

Final note: DRZ-2 lowering link, highly recommended!


Bill Portune

You are a blessing to all of us vertically challenged Dirt Biker’s! 

I am 5’7” and this is my second set of links.    I purchased a set for my new DRZ250 Suzuki in 2003 and was so impressed with the difference.   It not only allowed me to reach the ground but significantly improved the handling and suspension response without any other modifications.   I was also pleasantly surprised to even find the Links available for the 250 Suzuki since aftermarket items are in short supply for this bike.   I have ridden the wheels off the little Suzy and now I have just bought a new DRZ400S which I am going to add the DRZ3 Links before the wheels turn. 

You have a wonderful product, thanks again!
Clint Smithe

Please see that NORM Gets this personally !!!!  Hello Norm,
Received the mirror extenders today, Saturday Oct.1, 2005, for my Suzuki GZ-250 2003.
They fit like they were a part of the bike. I am very pleased, With the parts, and the way you do business. Treat the customer like a customer, That you appreciate there business.  Rare these days. I would recommend your company 100 %. Thank you so much Norm.
Harold Straker


Hi.. well today I took the drz for it's first ride in the woods w/the drz1 link.. WHAT A DIFFERENCE.. I cut over an inch of foam out of my seat, and a combination of that and the drz1 link make this bike fit me like a glove.. I was slamming through whoops and the rear tire did not bottom out once..  I thank you again for your help with all of this... how do I go about leaving positive feedback on your site?  Thanks.

Bob Arthur.

Norm, please add this to my feedback:

"In addition to suppling a fabulous product, you are a pleasure to do business with, as you are genuinely concerned with each customers success (with the links) and their complete satisfaction."

Thanks again Norm.   Bob 

My wife and I recently completed an overland trip from the UK to Central Africa riding Suzuki DRZ 400s. My wife is 5' 3" and she wouldn't have stood a chance of even getting on the DRZ if it wasn't for the Kouba links we fitted. 

We covered 23,000 miles over 12 months and although the suspension was tired by the end, the links stood up to the daily abuse perfectly. We have a bunch of photos online here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/melkin/collections/72157600231362443/ - though unfortunately none that show the Kouba links up close! We'd just like to say thanks for a quality product and a great idea. 

We are planning our next trip, this time through Russia, Mongolia and the Far East. We are interested in using Honda XL600LM bikes (around 1985 to 1988), but I see that you don't list links for this bike. 

Do you know if the links from the XR600 (1985+) will fit the XL600LM too?

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Daniel Mellor

We have not been able to locate an on line parts fiche for the XL600LM, seems they were not available in the US and all the parts fiches we have found do not list them.  The stock link PN for the US 83-87 XL600R is 52470-KFO-010 but it has bushings rather than needle bearings in the eyes so assume our XR/XL650 Koubalink will not work on those models but may work on the XL600 "LM".  Glad the DRZ links work out well for her and surely appreciate the feedback.  Mind if we put your letter up on our "Customer Feedback"web-site?  Nothing like a positive review from a trip like that.  Great pictures.  Thanks 

Just installed the Koubalinks on my VStrom 1000. Lowered the front per your recommendations also and the bike is like a new breed. The height is what I needed for my inseam and the handling improved tenfold. Friends say that visually I turned it into a sport bike. It seems the centre of gravity of the bike is significantly lower and as a result the handling is sweet.  Love the product.  Thanks.

Gord P.
Vancouver, BC

G'day Norm, 
My name is Ken Lowdon from Melbourne, Australia and you recently sent me a pair of lowering links for my new V-Strom 1000 and I have to say they are terrific. 
Picked new bike up on Sat last (24/07/05) and had dealer fit them for me as time didn't permit me to do it myself and they are absolutely great.  My shortness of leg meant the bike's standard height meant tip toes when stopped which is not good, but now balls of both feet on ground which is perfect. Initially tried lowering shock etc and it made handling very "soggy".  With your links, height is lowered and suspension performs as normal.  The dealer was so impressed after he took my bike for a ride I believe he is looking into ordering some links from you for his own V-Strom. 

Ken Lowdon
V-Strom 1000
Melbourne, Australia

         I had to write to tell you how pleased I am with the Kouba Links I recently purchased from
         you for my Suzuki V-Strom DL1000. I have been riding for 35 years and have owned more
         than 20 bikes. I have added to and changed things on all of them over the years, but nothing
         I have done ever made such a marked improvement in handling for so little, and so easy.  I 
         lowered the rear 1 & 1/8" and the front 1"  I put on 700 mi. since and can't get over the
         change.  I am 6'3" and over 300lbs. so with a 460lbs. bike it was easy to overpower it, now I 
         am able to just throw it around corners and never feel top heavy on it.

                                            Great Job, Thanks
                                                    Jay from Wisconsin 

Hi Norm,

Just a quick note (long overdue) to thank you for the Koubalink now sitting on my V-strom 1000 here in England. This was arranged via my cousin Geoff Hrach in Cleveland. It works very well and I can put my feet flat on the floor at last! It was very easy to fit although I must confess that I took rather longer than half an hour as I used the opportunity to remove the rear wheel and carry out some cleaning and lubrication of all the rear suspension components whilst I was down there (well worth doing!). 

Following a ‘rider-to-ground interface problem’ in the mud of an English summer, I had thought I was going to have to part company with the V-Strom but now I can confidently keep it a while longer.  I don’t think my pension will buy another bike so it’s got to last!

Many thanks,

Ken Wells

        I just finished adding a set to my DR 250. The only way they could be better is if you lived by
        Norm and could talk him into putting them on for you. I find the action of the suspension to be
        much improved. Well worth the money. 

        Roland C.

        Hi Norm. 
        You helped me out with my spring rates and settings and I finally got to ride my bike today. 
        The bike was great! The bike was much better in the whoops and chop. Your links really did
        the trick! It never kicked the back end up or throw it sideways. I just wanted to say thanks for
        your help and a great product! 

        Jim N.

        Hi Norman, 
        I just wanted to follow up on my experience with installing your links and spring on my 
        DR350.  It has been GREAT!!  I ride a lot of washboarded dirt roads where I used to have to
        stand up over sections that I can now sit down and ride over like they aren't there!

        Also, I went to one of my favorite riding areas which has some really deep braking bumps 
        on a downhill curve, and the bike just soaked them up so well I was amazed.  I am totally
        pleased with the huge improvement in performance.  The installation was easy - The amount
        of pre-load you recommended on the spring before I installed is was almost exactly correct. 
        I have already recommended your links to 2 other DR owners who I ran into (not literally ;-). 

        Thanks for your great service and product.

        Ken K.


         Finally got a chance to ride with the new links.  I am amazed at the improvement
         in the bike's handling and ride! The bike used to buck me like a bronco when 
         riding through the whoops.   Now the bike  stays on top and shoots like an arrow 
         across the tops of the whoops. Going over the top of an incline used to mean getting
         thrown over the handlebars, now I can control the bike without any fear of the bike 
         kicking me. The bike was literally unsafe in stock form or anything but flat trail riding.
         I was considering trading it for another dirtbike. Now it handles completely different. 

         I cannot thank you enough for a great solution for a serious problem. 

         Brian C. 

I have installed my KoubaLinks on my DR350S and the suspension action is very much improved.  The rear end seems to track changes in the track (trail) so much better now.  I also discovered that the various rear suspension members were not lubricated very well, and fresh grease really helped smooth things out.  I also changed the fork oil. Overall I am now very pleased with DR350S for trail riding - it tracks better and feels lighter somehow and much more managable.  Being closer to the ground also never hurts for tight woods riding!  Great product.

 Happy New Year!

 David Smith

 Buy KoubaLinks (if you do nothing else). You'll love your suspension.


I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I installed a set of your links on my 99 DR350SE. The difference in how the bike handles is remarkable. Things that used to practically bounce me off the bike can now just be ridden over and suspension compliance seems to not have suffered at all.  With these suspension mods, the difference in this bike is nearly unbelievable. Thanks for a great product and expert advice. 

Best Regards 
Joe S.

The Kouba links are the ticket for lowering a DR350. They will lower the bike about 1 1/4 inches while improving the handling. Norm is a great guy to deal with. 

Bob R.


Your links installed and worked exactly as advertised.

Thank you,

Andy Rose
05 DRZ250

Guys, I am 43 years old, 5'6" with a 30" inseam. I ride a DRZ400S lowered with Koubalinks (the longest ones) which lowers the bike 1.75 inch in the back. This is my first bike ever and I simply LOVE IT! With the mods, I have about half my feet on the ground on both sides when I stop. 

Regards from Canada.

Just got the links installed last week.  It is so difficult to convey the difference between “just touching the ground with your tip toes” compared to having the “balls of your feet on the ground.”   However, the conclusion is like converting work into pleasure….all for 1 ¼ inches!  Also, thank you for your prompt shipping. 


Pat McDonald

Dear Norman

Thank you for my DRZ2 links they work just great, I lowered the forks to the bars and now the bike is alot easier to ride, it even stopped the head shake at high speed on the gravel roads, I am very happy. I let my buddy ride my bike and now he will be ordering a set from you. Thanks very much.

Allan Schmidt
Sherwood Park
Alberta, Canada 

P.S. The mirror extenders work great too, not that I look back that often. I don't like to see my buddy's eat dust!

The Kouba links were installed and the rear now seems much more compliant than before. Big improvement for just $70. I installed the type #1 KoubaLinks because the suspension on the rear of my DRZ400 S model was so non compliant. The KoubaLinks cured the problem. They are probably the cheapest (and easiest to install) big improvement you can make to the bike. 

John F

When I sat on the bike only the first half of my feet would touch the ground.  This would not cause any problems until I started  riding more technical trails. Steep hills with rocks and mud are the problem. When I get into trouble during a hill climb and I wanna put a foot on the ground to try and regain stability I really notice that the bike is a bit tall for me. Installing the KoubaLinks themselves was a walk in the park!  I am now flat footed when sitting on the bike. 

Eric M.


I love your links. They make my DRZ 400 so much easier to ride. I`ll send all my stubby legged buddies your way.  What else can I say? There just too cool.

Dean Anderson

Several months ago, I mounted your DRZ1 links (3/4" lowering) on my 2000 DRZ400S (the heavier street model). I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the result. The 3/4" lower chassis (front & rear) gave me very good results for my 30" inseam. Thank you, I am very pleased.

Thomas S.

Perry wrote:

Well folks I tried a set of Norm Kouba's DRZ-1 links. These links lower the bike about 3/4 of an inch. My DRZ has always been a little tall which makes is real hard to turn around or backup etc. I am 6 feet tall and I have problems touching my feet. So shorter folks are really going to have problems. It just so happens I have short legs. Another problem is the rear end seems to bounce off of things instead of compress like it should. I was having lots of back problems because the rear end would hit something and slap me in the back. It also made the bike a hand full in rough terrain. Logs, roots, and rocks all these things were very painful experiences not to mention making the bike bounce all over the place. The DRZ-1 link cured these two problems. I can now flat foot the bike no problem. Also that rear end "kick you in the ass" is gone. Before it felt like you had 60 lbs. of air in your rear tire. Now the action is smooth and predictable. The front and rear work much better together. Also, the bike wheelies much better so you can get the front wheel over things. The bike will squat on acceleration instead of spinning the rear wheel and going sideways. Today I rode in the worst possible muddy conditions lots of slick roots and mud coated rocks. I rode better than the last time I rode before Xmas and it was dry then. I could go over roots without being jarred to death. The rear end compresses like it should. So I recommend these links for anyone who has short legs and rides in really rough conditions. 



I was cleaning up some of my saved emails and this reminded me to do something.  I wanted to let you know that I finally got your KoubaLink's installed on the bike and they work great.  I did lower the forks a little (< 1/2") and it complimented the lowering of the bike, that I was seeking from your links.  Although it wasn't absolutely necessary to modify the side stand to increase the angle of lean while parked, I did so anyway because I had purchased a spare to do just that.  I actually shortened the side stand by 1/2".  Now everything looks normal except that the bike is satisfyingly lower.  Your product did what it said it would and I appreciate what it did for my 2005 Yamaha FJR1300.

Sugar Land, TX 

   I recently installed your 7/8 inch lowering links on my ’06 FJR and wanted to let you know I am very pleased with your product. I took your advice per the instructions and raised the front fork tubes less than 1/2 inch. No adverse effects have been encountered with the setup and the bike handles well. You have a good quality product and the enclosed instructions are far better than provided with most products. Thanks a lot. 

Eddie Wilson


I got the Links in the mail this Wednesday, I wanted to let you know I not only got these, but I got them extremely fast, thanks! I also wanted to let you I installed them yesterday afternoon without any problems. I got the bike out for about a 30 mile ride and I can't believe the difference. I can now get most of my feet on the ground, and just that was worth the price. I did notice a little difference in the handling too, it may be my imagination but the FJR handled great before, now it seems to be more like a little sports car in the handling department. 

I wrote a small piece about your product and the install procedure in one of the sites that cater to the Yamaha FJR's I belong to.
In this write-up I told those who would read this how happy I was with your product, that it was a safe and cheap way to alter the bike's height for those who are short legged like I am. I also wrote I didn't do anything to the front of the bike, I just installed the product, and that was it! From what I had been reading earlier some were concerned about what this type of change would do to the handling, I said I thought it handled better than before, but it may just be me. Anytime you lower the center of gravity, things have to get a little better. Another good thing is I didn't have to alter the side stand, so with minimal work and money I got my bike a lot more rider friendly............Great Product!

Bob C.
Huntingtown, MD 
06 FJR1300

Installed the Koubalink on my wifes TTR 250 today and it works great. Really good quality part and everything fit great. My wife feels better being able to touch the ground comfortably. I also compressed the forks fully without the caps on and was able to move the tubes up a bit more in the triple clamps. I put 3 washers between the triple clamp and handlebar mount and came up with an additional 1/4 " or so.  After compressing the forks all the way I still have about 1/8 " between the front tire and fender at the back of the fender. I don't think I would go any further than that because the nuts on the handle bar mounts are flush with the bolt which is my minimum. Also the 1/8 " fender clearance doesn't allow for much margin for error such as mud buildup or anything like that on full compression. Total fork tube sticking up above the triple clamp (not including the fork cap) is 5/8 ". Understand that I cannot guarantee that
all TTR 250's will be that same because of all the possible variables, but that should get most people in the ball park. Just riding around the yard I didn't notice any ill handeling or anything so I think it will work out fine.
Sam McMurry

Hello Norman, 

I would like to thank you for making the links available for my TTR250 Yamaha. Just by installing them my bike is 1.75" lower, that's without adjusting the forks or the sag. I installed them with one hand (my wrist is broken) and my brother's motorcycle jack. I would also like to thank your FAQ section on your web page, I now know what sag means. One thing I don't understand is, why not one dealer that I visited knew about your links. The only thing they could suggest was to modify the seat. Since I don't like riding with my knees touching my chin (a slight exaggeration) I didn't think that was a good idea. My son did a search on google and that's how we found your product. I printed the information and gave it to a dealer in Long Beach, California. It seems like good business sense to pass that information to their customers. Three dealer's lost a sale because the seat height on the TTR250 is to high for me. Thank you again. 

Terry T.

Norm Kouba
Email  njkouba@ix.netcom.com

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